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Critical Media

about 1 year ago

10/15: Part 3 and 4 from the Central Park 5 Video


"New York Times Article in your packet from 1989-Youths etc" and answer the 9 questions that go along with the article.  Do Not answer the questions that go along with the video or second news paper article. 


10/9-Quiz on Biases (Anchoring, Confirmation, etc.) Quiz also contains the four stereotypes we covered in class.  The quiz is tomorrow.

10/1: Homework on Google Classroom:

Find any article on any news source and see if it has any of the new media bias we just covered and explain why. Also, find the same story on a different news source and tell me if there are any differences!


9/27-Homework on Google Classroom:

-Movie Ads and Biases

-Get Progress Report Signed

-Current Events


Here is the schedule for the week ahead: 9/17-9/21

Today: Finish Unit notes-hand out study guides
Tuesday: Finish study guides; review for test
Wednesday: Unit 1 Test
Thursday: Class time to work on Project that is due Friday.  It was assigned on Thursday of last week.
Friday: Present Projects

9/13-Quiz on notes-demographics to advertising agencies.  Also, Current Event Homework on Google Classroom

9/10-Ad Project due tomorrow.  Also, Public Relation homework due on google classroom.

9/4-Quiz tomorrow on the 14 Appeals for advertisements

First Project is due 9/11-Rubric was handed out today in class.

8/29-There will be a quiz on Friday. 

HW #1 is due tomorrow. 

Welcome back! Our first assignment is to get your student acknowledgement sheet and your parental acknowledgement sheet signed.  Parents please put your email on the sheet because it is the best way for me to communicate with you.  Assignment is due on Weds. 8/29.